Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am super excited for something new At Wooster Elementary! The Little Rockers! This is a team of Wooster students who want to participate in the Little Rock Marathon.  Students log 25 miles by February 28th.  February 28th is just one day of marathon activities, in one of which our Little Rockers will finish their last 1.2 miles there in Little Rock the day before the full marathon and half marathon races. Our school's awesome counselor has organized the whole process for the students and my husband (who also teaches at Wooster) and I will be assisting! We will have a great time running or walking a few miles each week with the students to reach our goal by February. Additionally, the counselor and I decided to go ahead and do the full marathon this year! YIKES. But with a Pirate theme, Arrrr! :) Who could resist. I wrote out my training plan and will officially start in the morning.  Wish me Luck! 
For more info on any of the race festivities check out http://littlerockmarathon.com

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