Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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Phew!!!  I have finished and published a four week place value unit for second grade!  It is all alligned to CCSS and progresses though the standards of place value.  I was in need of a place value unit that aligned to CCSS, so I created one! I have used this unit in my own classroom. During our month of study, I reviewed, revised, changed, edited and updated this unit to meet my own needs as a teacher as well as the needs of a diverse group of students. Lesson Plans have CCSS, number talks, objectives, and detailed activities as well as assessments and high order thinking questions. My goal was to create a tool to use, in which teachers could use in their classrooms with very little prep. I am excited for this unit to be used in other classrooms and can't wait to hear your feedback! Thank you so much!!
Verbal Overview
Visual Overview in calendar format 
Unit interactive notebook cover with student friendly learning expectations
Interactive notebook “different ways to record numbers” graphics
Bloom’s high order thinking question for student notebook with most lessons
Anchor chart graphics to match student notebooks. 
Student Progress tracker for student self assessments
Post test
Detailed Lesson Plans for FOUR weeks (that’s 20 lessons!!!) all aligned with CCSS including:
Ideas for number talks with each lesson
Writing numbers in different ways, (standard, expanded, word, and Base-ten model)
Adding and subtracting with and without regrouping
Skip counting and patterns with number line
CGI style problem solving
Greater than/less comparing and ordering numbers
Printables for FOUR weeks
Pictures and examples of the unit working in my own classroom
High order thinking questions to post in student notebooks. 
And more! 

Check it out on my tpt store by following the link below: 

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