Tuesday, January 14, 2014

As all my special teachers know, its a very important, but tedious task to keep all involved in a child's education aware of accommodations and modifications that have been developed and recorded in a student's IEP.  Great care must be taken, though, to be successful at this task, because those accommodations and modifications are so important, and help even the playing field for a child with a disability. 

I developed a tool for myself, and distributed to everyone in my building along with my students, accommodations and modification page from their IEP to help myself (and other teachers) be aware of those accommodations and modifications at all time.  I just called it "Modifications and Accommodations at a glance"  I divided my student by grade level, naturally, and checked their accommodations and modifications off on a single page per grade level.  Of course the IEP is my ultimate go to, however this quick reference helped as a reminder of all the important information. 

Check it out below!






Goodness gracious!  It has been so long since I have blogged, well I have a good reason, I think....My coteachers and I (whom are fabulous and I love so much) and added another piece of unity to our classrooms!  We are not blogging together for our classes, so I have not individually been posting classroom happenings. 
But.....I have decided to go ahead and continue to record my adventures each day at Wooster Elementary as a Special Education Inclusion teacher.  (Most days it is the very best job ever!) 
So hello there all 2014 bloggers!