Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, Spirit Day, Ice Cream and more!

Check out this Panther Spirit!
This post is coming a week late, but goodness at the fun we had in the first grade last Friday.  After studying all week about scientists and what they do, we decided to experiment with a little ice cream on Thursday.  Our experiment didn't turn out, so we decided we needed another trial. We changed a variable or two, (added an ice cream maker, thanks to a very helpful momma) and tried again on Friday. 
Friday's experiment worked out much better, so we had a tastey snack! 
After our snack, we spend our hard earned pennies on prizes from the class store--mustaches were favorite! 
Then it was time for our First Spirit day of the year. Way to go character kids! Ya'll showed so much initiative in August! 

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