Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Week and Friendship Salad

I can't imagine a better start to a school year than the one we just had.  I am pretty sure I have some of the best kiddos, to ever set foot inside of Wooster! We have been busy learning procedures, exploring our new classroom and getting to know each other this week. In our room we have dancers, singers, artists, ropers, Cardinal baseball players, Minecraft champs and more! 

We also have friends! With our friendship salad recipe, we explored what it means to be a good friend---honest, caring, loving, and hard working just to name a few!  These qualities were represented in our salad with yummy things like fruit, marshmallows and yogurt.   We decided on things friend would never do, such as be mean or rotten (like the black banana.)  We will keep those things out of our classroom just like we kept the rotten banana out of our friendship salad. Friendship salad was mighty tastey. 

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