Friday, June 26, 2015

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My week 2 tpt challenge is to blog about why I began my teachers pay teacher store.  Well I think first and foremost, I wanted all teachers to have access to resources that were already differentiated and could be used to include all learners in as many lessons as possible.  As a special education teacher, I see students struggle each day, to do their best, try to fit in, and fall short time and time again.  I also see their teachers, with the best of intentions run out of time to differentiate assignments, or do it with a sharpie, or scissors.  I have done it myself and that is just a neon light that something is different with this students work.  Being different or struggling academically is the last thing most students want to be in the classroom. 
As a solution for myself, and hopefully other teachers, I create entire units for a whole general education classroom.  Within the unit, I differentiate some of the pages in the most subtle ways possible, all you have to do is print off and pass out right along with all the other assignments.  Most look almost identical so no one, but, hopefully the teacher will know anything is different.  I hope this eliminates some struggles that special learners may experience and helps facilitate complete inclusion in a general education classroom. 
Another more personal goal for my tpt store is to make a little extra money to help remodel our older home and travel more. 
I also want to be able to give more when I see needs in my community and world. 
Those are my reason I dare to dream with tpt!

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