Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Hi friends!  2nd week back since Christmas break.  This week I am much less tired than last week so that definitely makes everything better!  I have even cooked supper two nights in a row.  We have had some terribly cold weather, at least for central AR, I know you northern folks may laugh at my saying 30 degrees is terrible.  But, that 30 degrees certainly made the perfect night for a big pot of chili!  Yum!  To go with it I made waffles out of  cornbread (thanks pinterest!) and put the chili and cheese right on top.
Other than eating, my night has been spent on school stuff.   I am so proud of all Mrs. V and I's kiddos.  My second graders have been working hard to master time....and guess what!!!!!  They have it!  Yay!  I created this unit to help our second grade learn to tell time to the 5 minutes.  It is free for 24 hours so snag yours before it's too late!  Click the link below, be sure to follow me on tpt and facebook for lots more freebies. 

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