Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day will be here very soon!  In preparation, I created a Valentine's Day themed center.  Our first graders began learning word patterns before Christmas that involved a magic or silent e at the end of the word.  I created a center to help them practice reading, writing, and deciphering words that had a magic e (as we call it in our first grade) from nonsense words that didn't.
As a special education teacher, I wanted my center to be differentiated for all the learners in our classroom.
The word cards come in different levels, and there are many blank cards that you can write any words needed on.
As an extension for kiddos in need of a challenge, there is a recording page in which words that have been placed on the nonsense sorting mat can be turned into a real word by adding  the e to the end, reread and used in a sentence.
I kind of wanted something different for our classroom this valentines day, so created this center using bright colors with little "scrappy hearts" from the 3am teacher (  )rather than traditional pink and red "cutsies."

Check out the preview below, or on my tpt store.

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