Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Freedom Week


Wooster Elementary School is celebrating FREEDOM this week! 

 We are learning about the wonderful country we live in, and how we can be respectful, great citizens!
Wooster first grade had a special visit today from a non-commissioned Marine Officer!  

We learned:   
  • The United States has embassies all over the world, it is the Marines that protects all of these embassies. 
  • The Marines  are even older then the United States!  It was founded in 1775, the United States did not sign the Declaration of Indepedence until 1776. 
  • The Marine's symbol is the eagle, globe and anchor found all over our Marine's uniform!  We got to check out the hat up close and personal!
  • We learned that 1 out of every 5 soldiers is a Marine. 

We also learned about being a non-commissioned officer.  A non-commissioned officer in the Marines carries a sword, this is to help direct people and as part of a very long tradition.  Our visitor shared with us some drills that can be performed with a sword. 
We closed our very memorable experience by saying the Pledge of Allegiance with the Marine Officer.  He told us that one of the best things to do to show respect for the United States is to say our Pledge of Allegiance with our hand on our heart and standing up straight, proud and tall!  

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